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Clara Speed - Admitted in June 1907, at the age of 20. A saleswoman from Oldham.
The notes on admission were "Very childish and simple. Talks nonsence to herself, laughs foolishly when spoken to and can give no account of herself".
She spent 2 Years at Whittingham, thoughout her time there she improved and became more "settled". During the last 8 months of her time at the hospital she started to work in the Laundry. Doctors noted "working quietly and very well. Somewhat simple".
In May 1909 she was "discharged to care of friends". I hope she found her way in life and lived happily..

Margaret Quirk - Admitted in Feb 1908, at the age of 24. She was a Servant from West Derby. Possibly a manor house?
The doctors notes on admission "Dull, melancholic and broods over her disgrace"..Her disgrace? She had a child...
It took 2 years for her depression to subside, she was making progress. When the doctor entered into her notes "simple and childish", had she regressed? Her mind trying to control the emotions?
in 1914 she was deemed to be of a sound enough mind to work within the hospital, helping staff in a ward.
What happened after this, is unknown to me..



Ada Grant - Admitted in June 1907, at the age of 17. She was another Servant from West Derby.
Upon admission she was observed as being "Simple, Childish, Restless and Fretful and troublesome with her food".
Over the next few years she didn’t seem to change, being described as being "dull and self absorbed".
in 1911 she started to work in the laundry, and seemed to make remarkable progress. To the point that in September 1911 she was discharged to care of friends.
Did she have a mental condition? Or did she just want to have a place in life to feel wanted?


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